Ready to start embracing your own unique way of working & allowing yourself space to breathe?

I’m Kat, a planning and wellbeing mentor, writer, award-winning photographer, and cat enthusiast (though not an award-winning one of those, unfortunately).

I help other curious, creative humans uncover their purpose, support them lovingly and gently to get their sh*t together, and help them build a life that truly lights them up.

I live in Cambridgeshire, UK, with my Almost-Wife Fi and three cats (Percy, Nosey and Dill) in our plant-filled suburban bungalow.

(If you’re into that kind of thing, I’m INTJ, type 5 and my core strengths are curiosity, love of learning, judgement and fairness.)

Here's what I think is important

1. Embracing your unique self

Each of us works in our own way, and we know ourselves best. Learning to work with your tendencies and needs is powerful and empowering – even when it looks like nothing we’ve seen before.

2. Creating space

We deserve a life with space to breathe, to pause, to do things we love. Life is not meant to be solely for work. We are here to experience and grow and to do that we need space.

3. Success is individual

Fuck #Hustle culture, fuck six figures. Tuning into what success looks like for us as individuals is the way to ensuring that we actually work towards it, enjoy the journey and celebrate ourselves when we get there.

4. Flexible planning

You can plan in a way that works for you, that honours you and your own unique path and needs. There is no one way to do this – take the pressure off, allow yourself to dream and adjust as you go.

5. Intentional intentions

Anyone can set a goal – it takes intentional reflection, introspection and analysis to set an intention and make steps towards it.

6. You are allowed to change your mind

As often as you need. Keep in mind that bigger goal. How else can you reach it if this route isn’t serving you?

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