On difficult weeks, where I grind to a halt, everything else has to slow down, too – and that includes my own expectations of myself. Suddenly, the small things become the big things; I took a shower, the bed got made, there is food in the cupboard. I won’t lie, it’s frustrating as hell. But, ultimately, we can only do what we can do.

And here is where the beauty of my ‘Good Sh*t’ log lies.

For those of you unfamiliar, the ‘Good Sh*t’ log is a page in each monthly set-up of my journal. It’s similar to a gratitude log, only it’s less about feeling grateful and more about acknowledging and celebrating the small things. Each day has one line, to be filled with as much or as little as I like. You can see July’s Good Sh*t log here if you’re wondering how it looks.

On a good week, the ‘Good Sh*t’ log is filled with all kinds of things – trips out, meeting friends, buying a new plant. On weeks like this one, however, it tends to be filled out with smaller things – think brushing teeth, eating lunch or having a great chat with someone.

These events might seem less exciting, but they are no less important. If anything, it’s almost more important to record these – when things feel a little rough, reminding yourself that you achieved something that day, however insignificant it seems, is huge.

Now, I know I could do this with a gratitude log – what is the difference, really? – but for me, gratitude, especially when I’m already a little ground down, carries too much obligation. It’s too passive. Am I grateful my teeth are brushed? Well, yes, but I’d much rather give myself a pat on the back for actually bloody doing it when it’s so difficult, than feel grateful that I’m able to.

It’s a radical thing to acknowledge this basic self care as ‘good’, especially when it seems so insignificant from the outside. Gratitude implies being thankful for what we have, without criticizing or looking at whether it’s ‘fair’ – and sometimes I want to celebrate that I’ve managed something, while also being pissed I can’t do more.

So, this week, I ask you to focus on the good things that you do, accomplish or that simply happen to you. You get to make the judgement of what is ‘good’. Write them down without obligation to feel grateful for them. See how taking gratitude out of the equation feels for you.

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